Chapter 9

Samuel Bancroft Davis II (Banny)

L-R: Banny, Ralph, Bill.

Banny would make the fire in the stove in the mornings, the twins would take the cow “Bessie” from their barn to a pasture on the way to school. A horse and a carriage were kept in the barn and a well was near the street. Ralph had a 1924 book on the crawl for teaching all of his children how to swim.

The children attended Acadia University. Banny and Bill were involved in rubgy, swimming, basketball, and student government. The basketball team reached the Dominion finals in 1930. The student council was finally allowed to have dances if they included some form of entertainment. Banny beat his roommate T. A. M. Kirk in an election for class life president. Banny and Bill graduated in 1930.
back=l-r: TAM.Kirk, ?, ?, Bill Davis, ?; front=l-r: ?, ?, Banny Davis, ?, ?, ?.

Banny and Bill both worked summers at a camp for poor boys from New York city, in Terrytown, near West Point, New York. Some of the boys were messengers for Al Capone during the prohibition. Banny was not much older than his campers, so he grew a mustache and smoked a pipe to appear older.

At army reserve camp, the artillery group Banny was in, had a test, where they were required to make calculations for shooting a target. Their sergeant was impressed when their cannon hit the most difficult target.

Banny taught in Truro with Charles Fillmore, author of the Fillmore Genealogy, “So Soon Forgotten”. He taught Math at Yarmouth Academy for two years and coached the basketball team. He went to the University of Toronto to take a Master’s degree. He planned to teach in the winters and run summer camps. But in 1933, when his father died, Banny returned home to prevent the business from being sold, and took a business course by correspondence. When his sister Mary married Ian Clulee, a pilot from New Zealand, he was asked to join the business to contribute his accounting skills.


Visiting Acadia University, Ruby Fillmore introduced Banny to her younger sister Orris. Orris and Banny were married in Moncton in 1937, and lived at James Street, with his mother Maggy and his sisters upstairs. Orris had four boys born in the hospital that Ralph Davis had helped build
: Frank was born in 1938 and named after his mother’s father; Ralph H., after his grandfather, born in 1940; William Richard after his uncle Bill and his uncle Dick, born in 1943. Later, Roderick Alexander, born in 1951 was named for Aunt Ruby’s husband and Banny’s cousin.

Orris became sick after Rod was born, so Rod stayed with Banny’s sister Mary Clulee for a few years. During that time, Maggy and Rod Davis, and Mary, Ian, John and Janet Clulee all lived on Main Street.

Frank, Ralph, William Richard and Rod all attended Yarmouth’s YMCA Camp. The older three swam in high school and at Acadia University. Ralph played rugby and Dick and Frank played in the band. Frank was sick with polio when young, but excelled in basketball
: his High School Team made the provincial finals in Halifax. The QEH team was billeted in Yarmouth homes for total point games, and they were entertained
: Halifax beat Yarmouth High by one point. Frank took business at Acadia, and worked on the ferry Bluenose in the summer. He worked at Jordan wines in Toronto.
Orris & Frank
Ralph worked one summer on a gypsum boat as a mess boy. Gypsum was carried from Hantsport, N.S. to the south. Ralph passed by the Sandy Point lighthouse going to Staten Island, and Stoney Point, on the Hudson River in New York, where his father had worked at a summer camp, and where his Loyalist ancestor, Adam Hubbard, had passed after escaping prison.

Ralph went to Acadia on his brother Frank’s invitation. While at Portland, Maine, working as a mess boy on an oil tanker, he received a letter from Frank which said that he had Ralph registered at university and a trunk of his clothes sent along. Ralph had to make one more trip to Venezuela before leaving the ship; he arrived at college two weeks later.

Later, Ralph lived in Halifax, working 15 years in the fishing industry and eight years in typesetting.

Frank joined his father in R. H. Davis & Co., but a few years after Banny’s death, he began working for the federal government. Dick returned to run the printing as a separate firm, and was active in YMCA work. He lives in a house in Carleton, between the end of the Perry Road and the village bridge. Rod works in the business as a platemaker.

Male cousin pall bearers at Maggy Davis’s funeral, 1963. Left to right: David Mackenzie, Ralph Davis, John Clulee, Frank and Dick Davis. (photo by “Uncle Bill” Davis.)

Frank was president of the R. H. Davis & Co. between 1965 – 1970. Frank sold the firm to his uncle, Ian Clulee, who was president between 1970 and 1985. In 1985, Ralph Harold Davis’s grandson, John Clulee, and his wife, Jean McEwen Clulee, bought the company from John’s father Ian, moving to Yarmouth from Calgary with their four children Robert Spencer, Weston William, Rachael Marie Catherine, and Matthew Kevin Everett.

In December 1996, the Clulees made the most significant expansion in the company’s history by purchasing Bonda Textiles, a Dutch manufacturer of knits and tartan apparel which had been operating in the Yarmouth area for 40 years. R. H. Davis & Co. Ltd. possesses the first and only license to manufacture the world famous Nova Scotia tartan.

Descendants of Samuel Bancroft Davis

2* Samuel Bancroft DAVIS II, Yarmouth, N.S. 1907, Aug. 6, B.A.Acadia 1930, teacher, Busns.Manager: R.H.Davis & Co. Ltd.; died. 1965, Jul. 5, Yarmouth; married: 1937, Jun. 9, Moncton, N.B. Orris Mary FILLMORE, 1914, Oct. 5, Moncton, N.B., d. 1998, Apr. 8, Yarmouth.

1. Frank Bancroft DAVIS, 1938, Jun. 25-, m. Margaret Mabel BAKER
2. * Ralph Harold DAVIS, 1940, May 31-, m. Cynthia FULLER, 1943-
3. William Richard DAVIS, 1943 – , m1.L Dusablon, m2.Loretta
4. Roderick Alexander DAVIS, 1951-, Kentville

1. Frank Bancroft Davis, Yarmouth 1938, Jun. 25- , B.Com.Acadia 1959, m. 1964 Margaret Mabel BAKER, d. 1997, Can.Trade, Dartmouth, N.S.

1. Loran Baker DAVIS, b. 1967,Sep.9, Yarmouth; m.1995 Kelly Lynn Swart, Alberta.
children born in Calgary:
-Aia Elizabeth Davis, b.1999,Jan.14.
-Reuben Samuel Davis, b.2001,Mar.28.
-Margariet VanEe Davis, b.2000,Jul.1.
2. Ruth F. DAVIS, b. 1969, m. Steve Purdy, 1996
3. Sarah C. DAVIS, b. 1971, Sydney,N.S.

1. * Ralph Harold DAVIS, b.Yarmouth 1940, May 31, Dip.Eng. Acadia U. 1962, B.Eng.TUNS. 1965, married: 1966, Oct. 10: San Francisco, Cynthia Anne FULLER, b. 1943, Dec. 18, Hartford, Conn.; address: Halifax; engineer 15 industry, 8.yrs. typesetting;

children born at Grace Maternity Hosp. Halifax:

1. Erik Burrell DAVIS., b. 1967, May 18, Queens U.BA History (hon.) B.Eng. (Biol) Dal.
2. Alexandra Fuller DAVIS., b. 1970, Apr. 22, Mt.Allison U.
3. Christopher Fillmore DAVIS., b. 1972, Feb. 3, Queens U .

1. William Richard Davis, b.1943, Mar.27, DipEng Acadia U. 1962, B.Eng. TUNS 1964, M.Eng. TUNS 1965, printer, Yarmouth;
m1. Louise Dusablon, divr; address Carleton.

1. Jonathan Alexandre Benjamin DAVIS; b. 1981, Nov.5

m2. 1997, Jan. Loretta A. Malley,; Yarmouth

1. Mark Lake DAVIS, b.1988, Sep.4
2. Charlotte May Mae DAVIS, b.1990, Jun.13

Lineage of Orris Mary Fillmore

5* William FILLMORE, “deacon”, b. N.B. 1797-

farmer 1828, Nov. 4 received 200 acre land grant in Harvey Parish, Albert Co; address: farmer + postmaster at Germantown, Albert Co., N.B.;

m. Esther PEARSON, b. N.B. 1796; daughter Nicholas PEARSON.

1. Rachel FILLMORE, 1821- , m. Thomas Wm. Kinne 1821-
2. Hiram FILLMORE, 1823- , m. Mary Jane Ransom 1833- 1901
3. * Solomon FILLMORE, 1825 – 1906, m. Mary Jane PEARSON
4. William FILLMORE, 1828- , m. Jane; lived Hopewell Parish
5. Nancy FILLMORE, 1831 – , m. Josiah Bennett
6. Lydia Ann FILLMORE, 1833 – , m. John C. Tingley
7. Nicholas FILLMORE, 1840 – , m. Harriet E.Anderson 1843- 1933

4* Solomon Pearson FILLMORE, Germantown, AlbertCo. 1825, Nov. 8-. Cooper and postmaster in Harvey Parish, Albert Co. N.B.

d. 1906, Nov. 9, buried SunnyDale, N.B.

m. 1867: Mary Jane PEARSON, b.Germantown, Albert Co. 1847, Apr. 21- d. Lewisville, Westmooreland Co., N.B.. 1927, May (See lineage of Mary Jane Pearson).

1. Annie Laurie FILLMORE, b. 1869, May 7 -, m. George M.RITCHIE
2. Willard Pearson FILLMORE, 28 Mar. 1873- 1961, m. Mary
3. * Frank Coleman FILLMORE, 1877- 1960, m. Mary Belle STILES
4. John Howard FILLMORE, 1882- 1971, m.Blanche Millicent STILES

3. Annie Laurie Fillmore., 1869, May 7 – , m. George M.RITCHIE, lived in Albert Co., N.B.;

1. Mildred F.RITCHIE, b. Wooster, Mass:1897, Nov. 1-, m.CRAMPTON, Worcester Mass., 2 ch.
2. Harold Vincent RITCHIE, b.Westboro, Mass: 1900, Jun. 15-, m. Irene RUEDY, Westboro, MA

3* Frank Coleman FILLMORE, b.Germantown, Albert Co., N.B.: 1877, Mar. 28 – d. St.Petersburg, FL 1960, Apr. 11, bd.Fairhavn. Memorial Gardens., Moncton; Business Owner: F.C. Fillmore Ltd., Moncton, N.B.;

m. 1904, Aug. 17: Mary Belle STILES, b. Hopewell Hill, Albert Co., N.b. 1876, Aug. 19 – d. Moncton, N.b. 1964, Dec. 15. (See lineage of Mary Belle Stiles)

1. Marjorie FILLMORE, died age 1 month.
2. Ritchie (Dick) Pearson FILLMORE, b. 1908, Apr. 25 -, m.Kitty Sinnott
3. Ruby Millicent FILLMORE: b. 1909, Oct. 1 – , m. Roderic Macintosh
4. * Orris Mary FILLMORE, 1914 – , m. Samuel Bancroft DAVIS
5. Annie Laurie FILLMORE, died at birth

3. John Howard Fillmore, 1882, Feb. 7 – 1971; m. Blanche Millicent STILES

1. Miriam Stiles Fillmore, m. Ralph Bone, Buffalo, N.Y.
2. Maurice Howard Fillmore, m. Eva Logie; 5 ch.
3. Mildred Fillmore , m. Fred MacDonald, Moncton, N.B., ch: John, Anne

2. Ritchie (Dick) Pearson Fillmore., b. 1908, Apr. 25 -, m. Kitty Sinnott

1. Carol E. F., 1933-2009, m.Rogers, Arizona
2. David Richard F., 1939 -, Toronto
3. Cathy Louise F., 1941 –

2. Ruby Millicent Fillmore: b. 1909, Oct. 1 teacher Trinidad. m. Roderick Donald MACINTOSH Rev. 1903, Apr. 30; d.1998, Halifax.

1. Roderick Douglas MACINTOSH, 1937 – , m. Alice
2. Joan Fillmore MACINTOSH, 1940 – 3. Orris Mary MACINTOSH, b. 1950, Mar. 6 -, m. Anthony Edward Orlando

2* Orris Mary FILLMORE, b. Moncton, N.B. 1914, Oct. 5, Fredericton Normal College, teacher, Acadia U., m. Moncton, 1937, Jun. 9: Samuel Bancroft DAVIS, 1907 – 1965. Orris died 1998, Apr. 8, Yarmouth.

(For children see: Samuel Bancroft Davis)

1. Carol E. Fillmore., Moncton, 1933-2009, m.Rogers, Arizona

1. Richard Rogers
2. Diane Rogers
3. Eileen Rogers (adopted)

1. David Richard Fillmore., Moncton, 1939 – , Horton Academy, lived Toronto

1. Cathy Louise FILLMORE., Moncton, 1941-

1. Roderick Douglas Macintosh, 1937 – m. Alice; B.Sc.U.N.B., Bell Mtl., N.B.Comcn, Fredericton,Hfx.

1. Rod Macintosh
2. Kathy Macintosh
3. George Macintosh

1. Joan Fillmore Macintosh, 1940- ; teacher, principal, Halifax.

1. (adopted) Jason Roderick Macintosh

1. Orris Mary Macintosh, b. 1950, Mar. 6 -, m. Pine Hill Divinity College Chapel: Anthony Edward ORLANDO, b. 1949, Mar. 17 –

1. Lucie ORLANDO
3. Miriam ORLANDO

Fillmore, So Soon Forgotten: 3000 Fillmores

Lineage of Mary Belle Stiles

7. Oliver STILES: b.c.1767, Hebron, Tolland, CT, New England; d.1833,Feb.23, Hopewell, New Brunswick, Canada. ch. eight including: Ezra, b.1779, and Elisha, b.1789.

6. Ezra STILES* 1779-1855, Hopewell, N. B. ch.8.

*both STILES brothers m. HOAR sisters, ( Sarah & Mary ).

5. Solomon STILES, 1809-1859, Hopewell, N. B., m. Ann Bishop (parents from England), ch.9.

4. Henry Allen STILES, 1840-1914, m. Mary PEARSON (see Lineage of M. Pearson) ch.5.

3* Mary Belle STILES, b. 1876, Hopewell Hill, Albert Co., N.B., d. 1965; ch.3.
m. 1904 Frank Coleman FILLMORE, b. 1877, Germantown, Albert Co., N.B.

6. Elisha STILES*, 1789-1817, Hopewell, N. B., ch.3.
m. brother Ezra’s wife’s sister: Sarah or Mary HOAR.

5. David STILES 1812-1886, Hopewell, NB., ch.7.

4. Henrietta STILES, 1844-1914, Hopewell, NB. ch.8. m. R. B. BENNETT.

3. Richard Bedford BENNETT, 1870-1938. not married.
Prime Minister of Canada 1930-‘35; founder of Bank of Canada, founder of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Lineage of Mary Pearson

6. PEARSON, b.England;(brother 1st Bapt.minister in N.S.) m. ?Barbara? b. Holland

5. Thomas PEARSON, m. Nancy Turner, daughter of\: Isaac Turner and Peck; England

4* Mary PEARSON, m. Henry Allen STILES

Lineage of Mary Jane Pearson

5. Solomon PEARSON, b. Canada, m. Mary, b. Ireland

4* Mary Jane PEARSON, b. 1847, Apr. 21; Germantown, d. 1927 m. Solomon Pearson FILLMORE, 1825 – 1906